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Oh no! A skunk!

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

It's usually late at night, or early in the morning... You let your pup out to do their business and then suddenly- uh oh. The smell is unmistakable, and may have been preceded by barking. What can you do? Nothing. Literally. Please don't use anything on your dog unless you already have a specially formulated pet de-skunking product (these are typically enzyme-based). If you wet them in any way, this will sink the skunk oil further into their skin, to be smelled forevermore (ok, just several months to a year!). Your groomer would much rather be presented with a fresh, rank pup than one that has been washed several times at home but still smells, as we have a substantially higher chance of success treating the non-washed pup. The key here is to de-skunk relatively soon (next day is fine) and with the proper products. I like the shampoo pictured below because it works extremely well, and is safe. I do sell it if anyone would like one to keep at home just in case! I also provide emergency de-skunking services if you are already a client and would prefer not to bathe them yourself. If your pup got a direct face hit and their eyes are red and watery, they could benefit from a saline eyewash flush. Your vet may sell it, or they will be able to tell you which ones sold at the pharmacy are pet-safe. Skunks are nocturnal and come out at dusk, so you can help deter them by keeping your outside lights on and accompanying your dog during their nightly stroll.

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