"Kim has been grooming our little Shih Tzu, Winnie since she was a tiny puppy. Winnie LOVES her...! Kim takes the necessary time to get to know each dog and is always kind and gentle. Besides looking 100% better after each grooming Kim is very thorough and lets us know about any concerns she has about Winnie's health and well being. Her vast experience is really appreciated since she often spots things that we have missed.
Now that Kim comes to our house it is so easy for us to arrange grooming for Winnie. She spends the time to make the whole process a positive experience for both our dog and us. And yes she cleans up perfectly when the job is complete!
My husband and I would have no one other than Kim grooming our dog. She listens and makes each haircut just the way we want. Besides, Winnie loves her!"
Jill, Phil, and Winnie, Ottawa

"Kim has been grooming our dogs for quite a few years now. We’ve always been very pleased with her work, and she always grooms Niko and Rocky the way we like them groomed . A great big bonus.....our dogs simply adore her and they’re always happy to see her! As for her service, grooming at our home, we are extremely pleased with the results. At first, we were kind of worried, not knowing what to expect because our home is not equipped to groom dogs, but we were very pleased after her first grooming visit in our home. As usual, Kim was very professional, both dogs were very well groomed and once the grooming was all done, everything was well cleaned up and it was hard to believe that the grooming and washing of two dogs had been done in our home. Kim has a very special way with animals, and Niko and Rocky loved her from the very first time she groomed them several years ago. We highly recommend Kim as your pet groomer. You will never regret your choice of pet groomer!"
Garry, Ottawa

"Kim has been providing regular grooming for our 11 year old Shih Tzu, Jazz for 8 years. Kim is knowledgeable, patient and very gifted at keeping dogs comfortable throughout their grooming session. Diet, grooming, health issues, Kim is able to help with all of it. Her years of experience, warmth, grooming skills and attention to detail makes her a true professional. She is very good at her work and we would highly recommend her grooming and at home service to other dog owners. "
Mark and Joanne, Orleans

"I have been bringing my dog Langley to Kim for over 9 years now. I was a little apprehensive about the "at home" service because I assumed the grooming would be messy. I figured I would try it out and see. Langley was groomed in the living room and, of course, no mess was left behind. It's very convenient because I don't have to worry about bringing Langley in for her appointment and she's happy because she doesn't have to leave home. And of course Langley is always happy to see Kim so that makes me feel that she is in good hands!"
Josee, Ottawa

"Kim is one of the kindest and gentlest people I know. That is why she is unbelievable at what she does. She has been grooming Bandit, our beloved family dog, for 8 years. Bandit is a miniature schnauzer who is very fearful and skittish around people and animals because as a pup, he was mistreated by his mother and then attacked by another dog. When I first brought him to Kim, I knew I had the right groomer. She was so gentle and loving with him that he felt completely at ease. I would drive 100 miles to see her but I don’t have to because she offers this great home service. Thank you Kim for making Bandit look and feel great!"

Manon, Ottawa

"Our little Max thoroughly enjoyed his spa experience with you! We are relieved to no longer have to drive somewhere for his care. Max doesn't like to be away from his family so now that we have found you he doesn't have to be. You arrive well equipped, it is clear that you love what you do, you are professional and you clean up once you are done. What more could we ask for?"
Sharon, Orleans

"Kim has been grooming our dog, Maggie, for a number of years and we have been exceptionally pleased with her work. Maggie goes crazy over Kim, but Kim’s soothing manner soon relaxes her so that Kim can work her magic. And magic it is. We always get compliments on how Maggie looks after a grooming session with Kim. It is apparent that Kim has a great affinity towards all animals and when grooming them she treats them as we do, not as an animal, but as a member of the family. Since starting Spaw at Home, we have had Kim come to our house. It really is a treat to not having to transport Maggie to get groomed and she is more relaxed in her home environment."
Murray & Sue, Blackburn Hamlet

"We have been taking Niles to Kim for almost eight years. She is gentle, caring and does a a great job. We are thrilled she is now grooming him at our house. Niles was so relaxed during his last grooming that he fell asleep. We highly recommend Spaw at Home!"
Monica, Orleans

"Kim has been grooming our dear Truman for about 10 years now. Kim is sensitive to his shyness, age, and to the steel rod he has in his leg due to a bad break and he is very comfortable around her. Kim is a professional in every sense, and in addition to grooming him extremely well, she is kind, patient and always very good about pointing out any changes noticed while grooming- his weight, range of motion, etc. Based on our experience, we would recommend her services to anyone looking for great care and great grooming results for their pet."
Marcella & Stan, Ottawa

"Kim from Spaw at Home Grooming is the best groomer ever! My dog, Daisy, just loves her! Daisy is an old dog with many aches and pains, and Kim is so gentle with her. She is always very happy and relaxed once she has seen Kim. I highly recommend Spaw at Home Grooming."
Barbara, Ottawa

"Kim has been grooming my dog Charlie for 8yrs now. He is always happy to see her and I have total peace of mind whenever I leave him in her care. She does a fabulous job and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone that's looking for a groomer. She is great with animals and excellent at her job. When she started her own business Spaw at Home, it was an easy decision to continue on with her without any hesitation."
Chantal, Orleans

"Kim has been doing my dog Daisy for nine years; she is very good at keeping the dogs at ease and they just love her. She does a very good job at grooming, and I would highly recommend her."
Maureen, Orleans

"Kim has been grooming my dogs for years, and is now on the third one, Maggie. My dogs have been rescues with initial anxiety about being groomed. Kim has a gentle and patient approach and shortly put them all at ease. We are loving the 'Spaw at Home' experience. Maggie is totally calm and happy and really enjoys her time with Kim. And, at the end of the session, we have a beautifully groomed dog, and the area she uses is left absolutely spotless - you would never know she was here. I highly recommend Kim and the at home service."
Cathie, Beacon Hill

Currently at capacity and not taking new clients due to the pandemic. 
Kimberly Howie
Professional Pet Stylist

-21 yrs experience
-Pet 1st Aid/CPR Certified

-Vet recommended
-Insured & bonded

Orleans/Ottawa, ON
Princess Puppy



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